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This project will allow the Armory to preserve its historic nature while fulfilling the current requirements for a DMNA Readiness Center including code compliance and implementation of updates to mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. Other than limited remodeling and upkeep, there have been no major renovations to the facility since its original construction of 1904. Its present condition now impacts the ability of DMNA to provide fully ready response units for deployment.

Many historic features of the armory will be maintained and restored. The main entry “sally port” with its massive doors will get a new uplift with attention paid to providing improved access and security. Once inside, the main entry lobby presents itself with a pair of symmetrically soaring monumental stairways which will be restored. The remaining first level administrative area, characterized by tall ceilings and several spaces with raised wood paneling, will be repurposed and restored to bring back the building’s original splendor. The drill hall, home to many historic events, will be refurbished and repurposed. Many of the original exterior windows, currently masonry, will be restored with new windows while new interior lighting, reminiscent of the original light fixtures, will be installed. A new vehicular ramp from street level will be provided on the 25th street side to allow for MOV/POV parking.

This will be designated as the new visitor entry and will include a new elevator, stairway, and advanced technologic provisions.
The Mural Room, located in the basement, is home to a series of recently restored wall murals depicting the military history of the Armory’s past. In order to preserve these

69th Regiment Armory Front Elevation Rendering

Lexington Armory Façade on Lexington Avenue

Including proposed new egress doors

items, this room will be re-purposed to suitable classroom and learning activities-uses that do not require any reconfiguration of the space. There are also a series of a murals on the fourth floor which will likewise be preserved and integrated into the proposed renovated spaces. A new floor will be constructed above the third-floor gymnasium in order to meet program requirements. Originally, the gym on the third floor was a 2-level space culminating at the roof level. In 1926, a fifth floor was added atop the gymnasium creating a void. That void is where the new floor will be erected. 

A new roof will be installed on the Administrative and Annex portions of the building.

Manhattan 69th Regiment Armory, Lexington Avenue at E. 25th Street, undated..jpg

The functionality and efficiency of the Armory has been one of the primary focus. While enhancing the original architecture through-out the interior, safety has been implemented and new entrances have been added. Optimizing the given square footage of the Armory has resulted in efficient circulation and new spaces.

The daily routes of the soldiers had inspired a track along the perimeter of the Drill Hall, along with a ramp from the street entering from East 25th street. The reduction and replacement of stairs has served the Armory more interior space to provide more functionality and movement.

Historic Photo of Lexington Armory

Façade on Lexington Avenue


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